Learn Filipino
The Philippines is a rich country with diverse culture and languages. The Spanish colonisation, Japanese occupations and the Americans influenced  its culture and traditions. Filipinos are known around the world to be hospitable and kind. However, there are so many Filipino traits that are yet to be discovered by people from other countries. Knowing the language spoken by the locals will be of great help to better understand filipinos.

The country has a total of 182 native languages and four languages have been classified as extinct according to Ethnologue. However, these languages represent variations of no fewer than 120 distinct languages. It is indeed a challenge to learn these different languages or dialects (as what the natives of the country refer to them).

While English is widely spoken in the Philippines and you can get around just fine with speaking English, it is a great advantage to speak and understand at least one of the many dialects of the country. Filipino is the national language of the Philippines. Hence, it is highly recommended to focus on learning and understanding Filipino.

Opportunities in the Philippines

The Philippines continues to be an attractive destination for businesses in the region. In the past years, the country has achieved stellar economic gains and according to the Economist, the Philippines is one of the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The workforce in the Philippines and its natural resources are the most compelling competitive advantages that the country has. The Philippines is the World's third largest English speaking country with 100.98 million inhabitants, and a literacy rate of 96.3 percent.