Our group course is only offered with a minimum of six registered participants. In order to provide quality and more time to each participant, we have a limited registration of 20 persons in each course. In every lesson everyone will get to speak Filipino, perform exercises and practise every aspect ranging from grammar to pronunciation. This ensures success in learning Filipino.

Number of lessons

Each group course consists of two lessons every Saturday for eight weeks. A lesson lasts 55 minutes. We encourage the participants to be prepared for each lesson. This way we ensure the maximum level of concentration and ongoing successful progress.

Reduced Fee

When you enrol at a reduced fee on our website you are required to send documentation afterwards.


Once you have booked you will get an email with instruction for payment. We accept MobilePay or bank transfer.  The booking is considered confirmed after payment is made,  and you will receive an email confirmation including course program and study materials. 

Cancellation policy

For a full refund of the course fee, cancellation must be made seven days prior to the start date. If cancellation is made less than seven days prior, there will be a non-refundable fee of 10% for administrative expenses.

Start Date

Level I - Saturday, February 4, 2017

Level II - To be announced

Level III - To be announced

Other activities - To be announced

Location of Classes

Prags Boulevard 50A

2300 Copenhagen S

Denmark | Language Course 

Tel: +45 42 76 76 52



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